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8th & 9th June 2024

Lucy McAleer was a bright, friendly girl who loved life. She was creative, positive and a great friend to all.

In July 2021 just two days after her 8th birthday, Lucy was diagnosed with a rare form of brain tumour called D.I.P.G. (Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma), which is inoperable and incurable.

After a brave eight-month fight, Lucy lost her battle on March 12th 2022.

Lucy’s Legacy is all about raising awareness and much-needed funds to advance research and support children and their families affected by this fatal form of cancer.

Lucy is remembered and missed dearly by her parents Brian and Nicole, and her sisters Olivia and Amelia, as well as her grandparents, great-grandfather, aunties, uncles, many cousins and friends.

You can help us, by entering the Leap Down the Line for Lucy's Legacy.

Dancers can perform 16 bars of the reel or slip jig and help raise much needed funds for research into DIPG.


It's just $10 to get involved and help us honour Lucy and help other families facing DIPG.

Proudly sponsored by keen Edge Constructions

To find out more about D.I.P.G and how you can get involved to help find a cure click here!

Today we thank the many dancers leaping down the line for Lucy's Legacy

Aaliyah B - McAleer

Abby K - McAleer

Adelaide H - McAleer

Ailis M - Murphy

Aine W - Christine Ayres

Aisling H - Cosgriff

Alexandra B - Cosgriff

Alexandra W - Roberts academy

Alyson R - McAleer

Amali M - McAleer

Amelia T - McAleer

Anya M - McAleer

Aoife K - O’Connor

Ariella S - McAleer

Ava G - Scoil Ard Rince

Banksii C - McAleer

Bethany R - Scoil Rince Cashel

Bonnie A - McAleer

Brianna C - Christine Ayres

Bryanna R - Melbourne Academy

Cadence P - O'Connor

Caitlin L - Cosgriff

Caoimhe K - McAleer

Caois W - Whiting

Charli D - Melbourne Academy

Charlotte C - Christine Ayres

Chloe G - McAleer

Cian F - Scoil Ard Rince

Clementine D - McAleer

Cliona K - McAleer

Connor K-O - Christine Ayres

Conor D - Melbourne Academy

Daniel D - McAleer

Darcy D - Melbourne Academy

Darcy T - Melbourne Academy

Delilah T - McAleer

Eden H - Halloran school of Dance

Elise R - Mulcahy-Delaney

Ella O'C - O'Connor

Elliette S - Carolan Academy

Eloise K - O'Hare School

Elsie G - O'Connor

Emer McG - O'Connor

Emily D - McAleer

Emily H - McAleer

Emily W - WA Academy

Emma G - McAleer

Emma H - Halloran

Emmeline S - WA Academy

Erin D - WA Academy

Erin H - Cosgriff

Erin M - McAleer

Ethan H - O'Connor

Evangeline McP - McAleer

Eve C - McAleer

Evelyn D - Melbourne Academy

Gemma C - McAleer

Gemma P - McAleer

Grace A - McAleer

Harry C - Melbourne Academy

Hazel D - McAleer

Henis M - Mcaleer

Holly B - McAleer

Indiana O - McAleer

Isla W - WA Academy

Ivy T - McAleer

Jacob M - Melbourne Academy

Jacqueline B - Gregory Academy

Jordin May S - Melbourne Academy

Justine C - O’Connor

Kara P - McAleer

Kathleen O'L - Mulcahy-Delaney

Keira W - Melbourne Academy

Lacie R - O Connor

Laoise F - McAleer

Lily D - WA Academy

Lola McC - WA Academy

Lucy C - McAleer

Lyla May H - McAleer

Madeleine S - Melbourne Academy

Maeve W - O’Connor

Majella H - McAleer

Manon MacN - McAleer

Matilda McC - WA Academy

Maya W - WA Academy

Mitchell J - Melbourne Academy

Olivia McA - McAleer

Olivia W - McAleer

Oscar H - Watkins Academy

Paige D - O’Connor

penelo - cosgriff

Peyton R - McAleer

Piper H - Halloran school of dance

Pippa S - Mulcahy Delaney

Rebecca C - O’Connor

Rhiannon O - The Harp School

Riona de B - McAleer

Rose H - Melbourne Academy

Ruby L - Christine Ayres School

Sabine D - McAleer

Saffron S - McAleer

Safis McA - McAleer

Sarah O’H - McAleer

Shannon D - McAleer

Shona O - McAleer

Sinéad M-H - O'Connor

Tess D - WA Academy

Zoe D - McAleer

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